Airforia CEO Jukka Tapaninen refuses to answer offshore scheme question during March 7th 2024 earnings presentation

IN THE INTEREST OF THE PUBLIC  Aiforia CEO, Jukka Tapaninen , has found himself at the center of a contentious issue surrounding allegations of a connection to a multi-million dollar international tax evasion and money laundering scheme, purportedly linked to his close associates Mikko Pakkanen , Hugo Sluimer and several other Finnish business men. During Aiforia's recent quarterly earnings meeting on March 7th 2024, Tapaninen notably abstained from addressing a crucial question asked regarding his connection to the unfolding controversy, leaving a conspicuous gap in transparency regarding his role. The question stems from his membership in Blue Key Investments, LLC (Miami) and association with individuals implicated in the scheme, namely Mikko Pakkanen and Hugo Sluimer. Hugo Sluimer himself made the alleged offshore money laundering and tax evasion scheme public himself in 2019. It is not clear what Tapaninen's involvement is in the scheme (if any) but his silence has only se

Updated: Is Aiforia CEO Jukka Tapaninen part of a US Tax evasion and money laundering scheme?

IN THE INTEREST OF THE PUBLIC Jukka Tapaninen, CEO of Aiforia  appears to have invested in a Florida-based company that buys and sells luxury real estate in Miami, named Blue Key Investments, LLC, along with his close friends  Mikko Pakkanen Hugo Sluimer , Antti Korpela , Ilpo Raiskila, Antti Korpela and Lake Worth FL residents, Mirjami Keskinen and  Janne Keskinen . This company may have been involved in a multi-million dollar international money laundering and tax evasion scheme. A witness, supported by documentation, claims that Hugo Sluimer, Jukka’s partner, disclosed an offshore scheme designed to defraud the US government of millions of dollars using offshore companies.  Sluimer himself made the alleged offshore money laundering and tax evasion scheme public in 2019 and named Mikko Pakkanen. The scheme involved an international network of investors and advisors working together to move profits tax-free out of the United States. This, in itself, does not constitute a crime, as

The story of Mikko Pakkanen and Janne Keskinen’s Blue Key investments, LLC Record real estate sale in Miami Beach

IN THE INTEREST OF THE PUBLIC Blue Key investments is a real estate investment company that buys and sells real estate in Miami Dade county Florida through its subsidiaries and may be connected to allegations of money laundering and tax evasion. Blue Key Investments, LLC’s biggest and record braking transaction was located in Miami beach’s famous Setai Hotel (Setai penthouse B) which was purchased for $15 million and sold shortly after for a whopping $27 Million by power broker Jeff Miller of Zilbert International realty. (Actual selling subsidiary: Setai Ph Villa B, LLC EIN 27-2643563 ) The largest investor in Blue key Investments, LLC is Finnish public figure  MIKKO PAKKANEN who is the owner and founder of Software company E-BROS OY  in Tampere Finland. The Pandora papers, leaks and public records recently uncovered that MIKKO PAKKANEN is also the beneficiary owner of multiple offshore companies such as: RESTINVER INVESTMENTS LIMITED (British Virgin Islands), OCEANWAY TRADING LI

Hugo Sluimer's Refusal to Release Tax Returns Deepens the Mystery

IN THE INTEREST OF THE PUBLIC In the bustling realm of Miami real estate, few names have recently garnered as much attention as Hugo Sluimer.  a Dominican Republic-based public figure, with origins in Woerden, the Netherlands, has been deeply entrenched in the Miami-Dade County property market through his ties with Blue Key Investments, LLC. However, amidst allegations and eyebrow-raising business maneuvers, what stands out starkly is Sluimer's reported refusal to release his tax returns, further intensifying suspicions and speculations. Hugo Sluimer, Santo Domingo, Dominican republic As an investor in Blue Key Investments, LLC, Sluimer's involvement in Miami's real estate circuit has been significant. Alongside his business partner Monaco Resident / Finnish public figure  Mikko Pakkanen , they pulled off a staggering transaction – purchasing the Setai Penthouse B in Miami Beach's prestigious Setai Hotel for $15 million, and subsequently selling it for a remarkabl

Finns Tied to Alleged USA Money Laundering and Tax evasion Scheme

  IN THE INTEREST OF THE PUBLIC Newly-unearthed documents indicate a link between Finnish national  Mika Junnila , the well known Chief Executive Officer of  F9 Distribution Oy , and the contentious Blue Key Investment, LLC. Public records allude to allegations that public figures Mikko Pakkanen and Hugo Sluimer, both members of Blue Key Investments, played a role in a multimillion-dollar money laundering and tax evasion scheme via the firm and multiple offshore entities. Evidence suggests Junnila's membership within Blue Key Investments, LLC. According to sources, Sluimer, who was allegedy the offshore lender,  diverted profits from Blue Key Investments, LLC through opaque offshore entities, ensuring tax-free returns for himself and other Finnish investors in contravention of US tax laws. The funds he lent out to Blue Key Investments, LLC belonged to the Finnish investors and himself and not to a 3rd party unrelated lender. Sluimer had previously asserted that he could not hold me

HUGO SLUIMER Fraudulently Claims to be a Monaco Citizen

IN THE INTEREST OF THE PUBLIC Hugo Sluimer, a Domincan republic public figure and Dutch citizen, may be facing severe legal repercussions after US court records revealed that he fraudulently claimed to be a citizen of Monaco on multiple occasions between 2018 and 2022. Such behavior is considered a grave offense in the small, sovereign state of Monaco, where falsely claiming citizenship can lead to imprisonment for up to three years and a fine of up to €45,000. Hugo Sluimer It is still unclear why Sluimer made such preposterous false claims, but it has raised suspicion about his motives. Was he trying to hide his identity or is there an underlying psychological issue behind his behavior? Whatever the reason may be it is a criminal offence in the Principality of Monaco and the consequences can be severe.  A clerical error is understandable but Sluimer repeated his fraudulent claim over and over during a period of four years and never informed the court. Sluimer deceived the court, the

E-BROS Founder Mikko Pakkanen Sold $44 Million of real estate in Miami Beach

E-BROS business founder Mikko Pakkanen has sold more than $44 million of real estate through Blue Key Investments, LLC and it subsidiaries in Miami Beach, Florida. Here are the properties that were sold: 1. Setai PH B sold for a Miami Beach record of $27 Million. Sold by Jeff Miller of Zilbert International realty  2. Bentley Bay PH A for $7 Million Sold by Janne Keskinen of Blue key realty. 3. Bentley Bay PH B for $10 Million Sold by Jeri Jenskins of the Jeri Jenkins Group Totaling over $44 Million dollars.  READ MORE STORIES ABOUT MIKKO PAKKANEN