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Hugo Sluimer's Refusal to Release Tax Returns Deepens the Mystery

IN THE INTEREST OF THE PUBLIC In the bustling realm of Miami real estate, few names have recently garnered as much attention as Hugo Sluimer.  a Dominican Republic-based public figure, with origins in Woerden, the Netherlands, has been deeply entrenched in the Miami-Dade County property market through his ties with Blue Key Investments, LLC. However, amidst allegations and eyebrow-raising business maneuvers, what stands out starkly is Sluimer's reported refusal to release his tax returns, further intensifying suspicions and speculations. Hugo Sluimer, Santo Domingo, Dominican republic As an investor in Blue Key Investments, LLC, Sluimer's involvement in Miami's real estate circuit has been significant. Alongside his business partner Monaco Resident / Finnish public figure  Mikko Pakkanen , they pulled off a staggering transaction – purchasing the Setai Penthouse B in Miami Beach's prestigious Setai Hotel for $15 million, and subsequently selling it for a remarkabl

Finns Tied to Alleged USA Money Laundering and Tax evasion Scheme

  IN THE INTEREST OF THE PUBLIC Newly-unearthed documents indicate a link between Finnish national  Mika Junnila , the well known Chief Executive Officer of  F9 Distribution Oy , and the contentious Blue Key Investment, LLC. Public records allude to allegations that public figures Mikko Pakkanen and Hugo Sluimer, both members of Blue Key Investments, played a role in a multimillion-dollar money laundering and tax evasion scheme via the firm and multiple offshore entities. Evidence suggests Junnila's membership within Blue Key Investments, LLC. According to sources, Sluimer, who was allegedy the offshore lender,  diverted profits from Blue Key Investments, LLC through opaque offshore entities, ensuring tax-free returns for himself and other Finnish investors in contravention of US tax laws. The funds he lent out to Blue Key Investments, LLC belonged to the Finnish investors and himself and not to a 3rd party unrelated lender. Sluimer had previously asserted that he could not hold me