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Updated: Is Aiforia CEO Jukka Tapaninen part of a US Tax evasion and money laundering scheme?

IN THE INTEREST OF THE PUBLIC Jukka Tapaninen, CEO of Aiforia  appears to have invested in a Florida-based company that buys and sells luxury real estate in Miami, named Blue Key Investments, LLC, along with his close friends  Mikko Pakkanen Hugo Sluimer , Antti Korpela , Ilpo Raiskila, Antti Korpela and Lake Worth FL residents, Mirjami Keskinen and  Janne Keskinen . This company may have been involved in a multi-million dollar international money laundering and tax evasion scheme. A witness, supported by documentation, claims that Hugo Sluimer, Jukka’s partner, disclosed an offshore scheme designed to defraud the US government of millions of dollars using offshore companies.  Sluimer himself made the alleged offshore money laundering and tax evasion scheme public in 2019 and named Mikko Pakkanen. The scheme involved an international network of investors and advisors working together to move profits tax-free out of the United States. This, in itself, does not constitute a crime, as

The story of Mikko Pakkanen and Janne Keskinen’s Blue Key investments, LLC Record real estate sale in Miami Beach

IN THE INTEREST OF THE PUBLIC Important Update: Since the publication of this article severe threats have been made against a witness that they would visit his young child at a football game at a specific date and time. The men used the internet to search for the child's location through a fifa website and obtained the schedule.  The same child predators making the threats attempted to commented on this article in an attempt to discredit which could indicate that Mikko Pakkanen and Jukka Tapaninen are directly or indirectly involved in the intimidation.   Blue Key investments is a real estate investment company that buys and sells real estate in Miami Dade county Florida through its subsidiaries and may be connected to allegations of money laundering and tax evasion. Blue Key Investments, LLC’s biggest and record braking transaction was located in Miami beach’s famous Setai Hotel (Setai penthouse B) which was purchased for $15 million and sold shortly after for a whopping $27 Mil