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Airforia CEO Jukka Tapaninen refuses to answer offshore scheme question during March 7th 2024 earnings presentation

IN THE INTEREST OF THE PUBLIC Update:  Since the publication of this article severe threats have been made against a witness that they would visit his young child at a football game at a specific date and time. The men used the internet to search for the child through a FIFA website and obtained the place and schedule. The same child predators making the threats attempted to commented on this article in an attempt to discredit the witness which could indicate Jukka Tapaninen and Mikko Pakkanen are directly or indirectly involved.   Aiforia CEO, Jukka Tapaninen , has found himself at the center of a contentious issue surrounding allegations of a connection to a multi-million dollar international tax evasion and money laundering scheme, purportedly linked to his close associates Mikko Pakkanen , Hugo Sluimer and several other Finnish business men. During Aiforia's recent quarterly earnings meeting on March 7th 2024, Tapaninen notably abstained from addressing a crucial question aske