The story of Mikko Pakkanen and Janne Keskinen’s Blue Key investments, LLC Record real estate sale in Miami Beach


Important Update: Since the publication of this article severe threats have been made against a witness that they would visit his young child at a football game at a specific date and time. The men used the internet to search for the child's location through a fifa website and obtained the schedule.  The same child predators making the threats attempted to commented on this article in an attempt to discredit which could indicate that Mikko Pakkanen and Jukka Tapaninen are directly or indirectly involved in the intimidation.  

Blue Key investments is a real estate investment company that buys and sells real estate in Miami Dade county Florida through its subsidiaries and may be connected to allegations of money laundering and tax evasion.

Blue Key Investments, LLC’s biggest and record braking transaction was located in Miami beach’s famous Setai Hotel (Setai penthouse B) which was purchased for $15 million and sold shortly after for a whopping $27 Million by power broker Jeff Miller of Zilbert International realty. (Actual selling subsidiary: Setai Ph Villa B, LLC EIN 27-2643563)

The largest investor in Blue key Investments, LLC is Finnish public figure MIKKO PAKKANEN who is the owner and founder of Software company E-BROS OY in Tampere Finland. The Pandora papers, leaks and public records recently uncovered that MIKKO PAKKANEN is also the beneficiary owner of multiple offshore companies such as: RESTINVER INVESTMENTS LIMITED (British Virgin Islands), OCEANWAY TRADING LIMITED (British Virgin Islands), and other entities in the BVI and Malta. Interestingly, the Pandora papers exposed Pakkanen and his companies of having deep business relationships with Paul Michiel van Lienden’s International corporate services aka ICS who’s name pops up in some of the biggest fraud, money laundering and corruption lawsuits. 

Pakkanen’s business partner, Dominican republic socialite Hugo Sluimer (Netherlands) who lives in Casa De Campo was also an investor in Blue Key Investments, LLC and reportedly invested $1 million in the project.  Offshore leaks equally revealed that Sluimer has offshore companies such as: SWISS BOULVARD INVESTMENT LIMITED (PANAMA) which is also managed by no other than Paul Michiel van Lienden from ICS.

In one part of a recorded interview Sluimer denied doing business with Paul van Lienden "You do business with Paul van Lienden." Sluimers responds "How did you come to that conclusion? I don’t do business with him. He never reported anything." However offshore leaks show that Paul van Lienden is/was a director of Sluimer's Panamanian company as seen below: 

Hugo Sluimer

Why Sluimer is lying and telling conflicting stories about his business relationship with Paul van Lienden is alarming. Some of van Lienden's customers have been convicted of tax fraud, money laundering, corruption and fraud in schemes that sound familiar to Sluimer's "clean Formula".

In 2018, according to public records Sluimer and Pakkanen were accused of Money laundering and tax evasion in relation to Blue Key Investments, LLC. Sluimer sued for slander in an attempt to salvage their reputation but the entire "Amended complaint" was dismissed by the Honorable judge on January 4th 2021 as seen below. After the loss, Sluimer and his partner Rob Koster then desperately offered the defendants "with Prejudice" in return for letting them exit the lawsuit which was accepted by the defendants and ordered 30 days later on February 8th 2021. 

Hugo Sluimer and Rob Koster then desparatly offer the defendants "With Predudice" as seen below. On February 8th 2022 it was done and ordered by the Honorable judge. 

However, Hugo Sluimer Emails confirm a "clean formula" as he called it existed:

Hugo Sluimer

Hugo Sluimer


Sluimer clearly seems to be very worried that this information will be shared with 3rd parties. In addition, Sluimer was asked to show his US tax returns to rule out or confirm wrong doing but he refused. This is not surprising as emails show Sluimer did not have the required ITIN in order to file US tax returns. When asked how he was able to file US tax returns in a recorded conversation without an ITIN his story contradicted US tax laws. Sluimer should have filed US tax returns between 2009 and 2023. 

Mikko Pakkanen was asked questions about the alleged money laundering and tax evasion scheme in regards to Hugo Sluimer but did not respond to the multiple requests.  A couple of days later, Pakkanen abruptly closed down his BVI company Restinver Investments LTD which was reported by the BVI Beacon News Paper. The paper indicated that Riccardo Spigolon was the liquidator who is a director at ICS, the company owned by Paul van Lienden and linked to fraud, corruption, tax evasion and money laundering court cases. 

Documentation shows Hugo Sluimer then moved money through Covast Development BV in the Netherlands which is owned by Amsterdam resident and founder of Rob Koster and managed by Jerry Saffrie. The money was then siphened through the Rabobank as a down payment to finance a real estate project called "De Posterij" in Harderwijk (Netherlands).  According to public documents and emails, Koster knew about the money laundering and tax evasion scheme but accepted the money anyway. Koster and Sluimer recently threatened to visit a child at a local football game in an attempt to silence a witness.  Messages show that Koster is also threatening on behalf of Mikko Pakkanen (Founder who is the big boss of the Miami / offshore scheme. 

Other participants are:  

Antti Pakkanen, the brother of Mikko Pakkanen is also an investor in Blue Key Investments, LLC (Miami-Dade)  Antti Pakkanen is the CEO of E-BROS OY in Tampere, Finland.

The chairman of E-BROS OY, Antti Korpela is equally an investor in Blue Key Investments, LLC. 

Other Finnish investors recently identified include: Mika Junnila, Ilpo Raiskila, Kaj Valve and Jukka Tapaninen, CEO of NASDAQ NORDIC listed company AIFORIA Ticker Symbol "HEL".

According to Blue Key Investments, LLC and its many subsidiaries were managed by Florida licensed real estate agent Janne Keskinen and his wife Mirjami Jansson-Keskinen (Lake worth, Palm Beach County) of Blue Key Realty, LLC 8757 Corvus DR, Lake Worth, FL 33467.

Janne Keskinen
Janne Keskinen 
Manager Blue Key Investments, LLC

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