HUGO SLUIMER Fraudulently Claims to be a Monaco Citizen


Hugo Sluimer, a Domincan republic public figure and Dutch citizen, may be facing severe legal repercussions after US court records revealed that he fraudulently claimed to be a citizen of Monaco on multiple occasions between 2018 and 2022. Such behavior is considered a grave offense in the small, sovereign state of Monaco, where falsely claiming citizenship can lead to imprisonment for up to three years and a fine of up to €45,000.

Hugo Sluimer
Hugo Sluimer

It is still unclear why Sluimer made such preposterous false claims, but it has raised suspicion about his motives. Was he trying to hide his identity or is there an underlying psychological issue behind his behavior? Whatever the reason may be it is a criminal offence in the Principality of Monaco and the consequences can be severe. 

A clerical error is understandable but Sluimer repeated his fraudulent claim over and over during a period of four years and never informed the court. Sluimer deceived the court, the judge, the American people and others. In addition, Sluimer's business partner and founder of Rob Koster knew about the fraudulent Monaco citizenship claims but documents show that he participated in the deception. See below:

Subsequently, there may be US immigration implications for Sluimer because of his fraudulent claim to being a citizen of Monaco. On the ESTA form applicants must disclose all of their nationalities. It is mandatory to indicate a second citizenship in the ESTA application, even if you don’t have a valid second passport. Lying on an ESTA application or to an immigration agent can result in being denied visa-free entry to the USA or even being barred for life from the ESTA program. Sluimer may not be able to comply with the online ESTA application if it is filled out with honesty.  

In conclusion, the case of Hugo Sluimer serves as a reminder of the serious legal consequences that can result from falsely claiming citizenship. While it is unclear why Sluimer made these false claims, his actions have raised suspicion and potentially put him at risk of legal repercussions in both Monaco and the US. Sources indicate that Sluimer may have been expelled from Monaco already.  

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