Updated: Is Aiforia CEO Jukka Tapaninen part of a US Tax evasion and money laundering scheme?


Jukka Tapaninen, CEO of Aiforia appears to have invested in a Florida-based company that buys and sells luxury real estate in Miami, named Blue Key Investments, LLC, along with his close friends  Mikko Pakkanen Hugo Sluimer, Antti Korpela, Ilpo Raiskila, Antti Korpela and Lake Worth FL residents, Mirjami Keskinen and Janne Keskinen. This company may have been involved in a multi-million dollar international money laundering and tax evasion scheme.

A witness, supported by documentation, claims that Hugo Sluimer, Jukka’s partner, disclosed an offshore scheme designed to defraud the US government of millions of dollars using offshore companies. Sluimer himself made the alleged offshore money laundering and tax evasion scheme public in 2019 and named Mikko Pakkanen.

The scheme involved an international network of investors and advisors working together to move profits tax-free out of the United States. This, in itself, does not constitute a crime, as many companies attempt to minimize their tax liabilities.

However, Sluimer disclosed that Mikko Pakkanen, the mastermind behind the scheme, appointed him as the offshore lender who would not be listed in the US company, even though he was also an investor and shared in the profits. The rationale behind this decision was that all the other investors were close friends, had conducted business together, were from Finland, and had worked at the same company, making the relationships too obvious in case of a tax check. Sluimer was the ideal candidate because he was older, from the Netherlands, and had only recently met Mikko Pakkenen in Monaco where they both were resident. There were no real long-term connections between the Finns and Sluimer, lending credibility to the scheme. Sluimer would pretend to be a third-party offshore lender with no connections to the US business.

Hugo Sluimer's email confirms a "formula" was in place:

Sluimer and the Finns committed to investing upwards of $15 million USD in Miami real estate, with Sluimer investing $1 million. The money was lent to offshore companies managed by Hugo Sluimer, who then lent the money to Blue Key Investments and/or its subsidiaries. The IRS automatically perceives it as a bona fide third-party loan, with the interest being tax-deductible from the profits. However, was the IRS ever informed that Hugo Sluimer was also an off the book’s investor in Blue Key Investments, LLC, and that he was lending them their own money to evade taxes? Sluimer was quoted as saying, “I am not allowed to be in the US company as I am the third-party lender. If the IRS finds out I am both the lender and an investor in the US company, the scheme falls apart.”

Hugo Sluimer (Left) Mikko Pakkanen (Center) Janne Keskinen (Right)

Sluimer is accused of skimmed off the US profits by charging high interest rates, then redistributing the tax-free gains back to himself and the Finnish investors. Sluimer refuses to release his US tax returns and has severely threatened a key witness

Email sent by Manager Janne Keskinen to Hugo Sluimer, Jukka Tapaninen and other shareholders regarding apartment Bentley Bay 2301 (Miami Beach) owned by a subsidiary of Blue Key Investments, LLC.  

Jukka Tapaninen's role in the company, in relation to the 'clean formula' and the accusations, is not clear. It remains unanswered whether Jukka participated in US tax evasion or what he knows about the "clean formula". Tapaninen was given multiple opportunities to tell his side of the story but unfortunately he did not respond. During Aiforia's quarterly earnings meeting Tapaninen did not mention anything about his involvement in Pakkanen and Sluimer's "clean formula" even though he already knew questions were being asked. AIFORIA CFO and Investor relations Mr. Veli Matti Parkkonen was asked for an official company statement but did not respond to the requests. The invitations remain open for Tapaninen and Parkkonen to respond in the interest of the public, its shareholders and potential investors. Finnish law and the Nasdaq Nordic may require Tapaninen to disclose this type of information to the public. 

Tapaninen will present Aiforia's earnings live on March 7, 2024. See details below:

Aiforia will publish the 2023 financial statement bulletin on March 7, 2024

Aiforia organizes an English-language webcast at 10:00 a.m. on the same day. At the event, under the leadership of CEO Jukka Tapaninen, the company's financial development and strategy progress during the review period will be reviewed.

You can follow the event at https://aiforia.videosync.fi/q4-2023 . Participants can ask questions through the chat function of the video platform.

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